Feed a Family     Initiative

We created this initiative to be able to help families in need and celebrate the people in our community making a difference to others outside of their immediate family and friendship circles. Families who are experiencing hardship. Families who are going through big life changes. We want to give back to people in our community who truly deserve it.

We've had an overwhelming response of submissions and unfortunately many do not fit the criteria. We have broken it down here to hopefully add some clarity around the purpose of "Feed a Family".


Do you know a family that has recently experienced an unexpected diagnosis, has been struck down with an illness or is going through a health battle that affects their day to day life. This family is deserving!


Do you have a friend that has recently and unexpectedly lost their job or had a significant cut to their hours that affects their family and their lives. This family is a great nomination!


Similar to the above, some families struggle to make ends meet week to week. Many more during this time. We want to reach these families, they are the families we want to bless through this!


To go through a divorce or the death of a loved one is a huge life changing event. We want to bless these families in their time of need. Take the pressure off for just one night. Please nominate if you know someone experiencing these trials.


Having a new baby is such an exciting time in life! But it is also met with sleep deprivation, a real recovery and a huge adjustment to your day to day life. New mums are definitely a worthy nomination!


This category is where we have found most of the confusion. A community contributor is someone that contributes to our community outside of their family and friendship circle. Do you know someone that has raised money for a charity in their own time? To support others in need? Someone who volunteers for local community organisations and support groups? Someone who contributes selflessly to make our community a more wonderful place? We want to celebrate these people!

We all have a sister, a mum, or a friend that has helped us out, that gives of themselves to their children, their family and their friends. But that is what family and friendship is all about! Unfortunately these wonderful people do not fit our criteria. But we would like to encourage you to bless them in your own way.


We want to find the special people out there that are doing this for people they don't know and changing our community in a positive way through the process!!!